Sunday, August 15, 2010

To My Best Friend

This is for the greatest person
that I have ever known.
Being away from you for so long
I am feeling so alone.
With you I am so happy
you keep my heart content.
But I had to be a student
so off to some place I went.
That is where I found my heart
and how I feel for you.
I try so hard to deny this feeling
and I don't know what to do.
I said that I would never again
let someone take my heart.
And here I'm sitting wanting you
and hate that we're apart.
Everyday you are in my thoughts,
every night you're in my dreams.
I can't believe what's happening,
is this really what it seems?
I know you're only wanting
to be the best of friends,
but I am asking you sincerely
if it's your rule you'll bend.
To take a chance to know me
to let me share it all.
And maybe one day very soon
for me one day you'll fall.
Our friendship we now have
is something that I'd miss
but maybe once we let go
we will find eternal bliss.

Friday, August 13, 2010


argh!!!! tension2!!! asal la isnin ni final submission...penin pale nak wat kiraan ukuran...pastu kene wat model ag...nak wat presentation board ag...wuwuwuwu...penin cenggini...TT.TT"
nak wat ram ni pun satu hal...xleh nak wat...nak ukur ag...wuwuwuwu...
sesiape...tolong la aku wat model nih....

SUBMISSION TIME   :  9.00 a.m

get ready guys!!! gambate kudasai minna!!! gud luck for all my frenz!!! n also me!!!T.T

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


hurmm...alst week kitorang dak aki ade akisport...ingat best ar...rupe nye bosan gler...dak2 part 3 cam xreti je nk organise...tak tersusun lansung game...da la bg jadual lambat...
nak dijadikan citer hari tu game start ari jumaat, kitorang ingat game tu akan start ngan dak part 1 la uper nye ptg tu kitorang p4 ade game...da la ari jumaat tu aku g kuar tgok wayang ngan tieka, dee and adniey...time tgh2 citer lak tu dapat msg dari sofha gtau game kitorang start kul 4...kul 4 time tu dlm wayang ag...hampeh tol...ngah syok2 tgok cter jd down aku...mengong tol p3...handle tu btol2 la...jgn maen taram je...
pastu esok nye lak kitorang p4 pompuan ramai join tuk futsal department...nak dijadikan citer game kitorang straight xde brenti2...pas department kitorang trus turun g akisport...da la time tu penat gler...mnx postpone xbley...dak p3 ckp xley postpone n tu bkn salah dier...bengong ke hape dier tu...dan disebabkan game straight ramai la dak kitorang injurt dan terpakse import dak part 1...naseb baik dapat msuk final futsal...alhamdulillah...and for the final akisport, akhirnye dak p4 tuk futsal lelaki dorang dapt johan and tuk futsal pompuan dapat naib juara...okey ar tuh...hehehehe...(-:3